Little bones of calcium led me down this lane,
it was a pace on which the heels from my worn out treads could fracture,
so I take smaller steps, just not to interrupt what was had.
It became a feeling of rich fulfilling goodness to a loss on an undesirable clarity,
A colossal of care to an acute fling of pure distaste,
A measure of pleasure to a manic episode of sharp profound motion to detest.
Albeit, these little bones of calcium reminds me of him and
the residency of tomorrows will stand at the forefront happily to intervene,
bringing warm surging echoes through rose petalled ribbon.
An enduring love that protects the missing knot from our family tie,
cusping it with both hands –
The memory lane, the framework of his goodness.

For Simon.

23rd May 1972 – 17th May 2019


Donate to The Winston’s Wish Charity in support to grieving children who lose a parent or sibling: https://simon-wilkes.muchloved.com

© Thelma Von Salem @ https://thelmavonsalem.com

Image – Pinterest

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