Emerald Child.

He has this long lasting tone of a bold smile,
The lip on his right ear was an insight to his succession.
A delicate masterpiece,
Shifting through colours of his own.
He was proud and I could see it through his eyes,
His brown eyes,
His Father’s eyes.

His hands were a gesture of giving,
A clutch of closeness,
A flavour for family.
A dashing fellow, with bashful consequences.
Only a young girl could fall in love with.

My heart sensed a vulnerability through his movement,
He moved me, constantly.
He was an absent source in the clench of my chest,
But he kept my heart wires earthed,
Even until this very day.
Through his cloak of light,
He would keep me close.

I’ve learned love has no distance,
no proximity,
Especially when it comes with a soul like his.
I’ll flow like the rhythm of your dream that day,
And compose an infinite love song.
As you sleep upon my shoulder,
I will fondly remember you.
As the days are long,
I’ll remember you.

23rd May 1972 – 17th May 2019

For my big brother.

Donate to The Winston’s Wish Charity in support to grieving children who lose a parent or sibling: https://simon-wilkes.muchloved.com

© Thelma Von Salem @ https://thelmavonsalem.com

Image – My own

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