The Down Town Diary Sound.

“Apparently drowning is the peaceful way.”

“If only this were true, Thelma,” I take the deepest gulp of water hoping it could bend, form thick skin and leach its way into my voice cannon to hush the thoughts.
“I find myself bottled up in surroundings that own nonsensical repertoires. My fists are down, holding tight.”
Thelma shook her head and pennies fell from out of her hair, “I’m no fountain of knowledge but trust in your self, don’t push against the current, take these pennies and swallow them. Be your own wishing well, wish your self – well, immerse your self into inner peace.”
I shook my head and brain matter fell into my hands;
Did any of these thoughts really matter?
…and that is when, I started to drown.

© Thelma Von Salem @
Image – Pinterest

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