Car Radio.

 There’s this kid who wants to break America with his music, he wants the words he beckons to become a voice for his generation, to be a modernised bible study, a philosophical path of enlightenment.
But he has to cross the ocean first, it doesn’t matter how deep he feels or how thirsty he wants it. What he doesn’t realise is that there’s an ocean he needs to cross and he has no realisation that, on his passing there’s a whale’s song that also has a story to tell. Would he be interested to listen? Would his self righteousness spare a penny for its thoughts? – Go fishing with a tin can phone and relate through vibrations dear boy.
What about when he gets there, he notices people sitting by the Oroville dam not giving one? – It’s a peculiar observation as they could wish for him to eat his words but they themselves eat junk food and drink at their local dive bars.
There’s a burning answer somewhere in this, a newspaper headline, a moral, a discussion that is hard to swallow but there’s too many paths, roads, reservoirs to follow.
Maybe it’s that, where ever he lays his head in the end – the house would creak whether he lived there or not; A live fast die young scenario,
but at least his songs will always play on my car radio.

© Thelma Von Salem @
Image – Pinterest

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