The AM always feels it’s the better time,
a better time to be awake, be alive.
A better time to stick your foot out of the duvet,
To sense how clean the cold feels.
I can hear humming of traffic stealing the silence but I’m happy,
I really don’t mind, I’m quite enjoying this sun-rised ride.

A tangerine colour of delight streams its way through the room,
across my face – bathing in its warm embrace.
With eyes quant,
it displays a phosphenes beatific cinema galore.
And I’m happy, I could settle for second best and never live my life like before.

The morning beat is hitting the same old drum,
yet its repetition gives me a sense of comfort –
It rests and rises, rests and decided to do it again.
And I wouldn’t care if it’s the only thing I know exists.
I am happy – I could stay in the now,
and be left with a dusty memoir of what an ordinary life depicts.

© Thelma Von Salem @
Image – Pinterest

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