Just A Position.

The time is the issue you see,
everything has to move forward whether you like it or not.
The ticking time bomb that’s locked in a ribcage has no red wire to clot, just yet.
So, the newspaper has to run with a story, casualties have their daily existential casual crisis tied, and the lunatics are still running the asylum.
‘The Persistence Of Memory’ has unconsciousness swirling, and words – god damn words can be so hypocritically exhausting. You can scatter brains, with the punctuation where ever you see fit, but a full stop – a period, it’s false because there is no end.
It’s just a place for you to think, a pause for you to breathe and start a new juxtaposition in the world.
Just a position. Just a decision. Just.

© Thelma Von Salem @ https://thelmavonsalem.com
Image – Pinterest

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