Scorpio’s Cancer.

I spent the night in a bar in Soho with you, who, I could only design in my deep night dreamscape. I didn’t care about the hour, didn’t mind how long it would take.
Reluctancy is key, it can open doors that has been locked shut and closes the fears that has no breath to be discussed.
I feel a breeze from you, throwing caution to the wind. A sigh without the surprise, without a price. You are what I’ve always wanted to see, no disguise – it’s just, those eyes are pools of thought.
A fernweh wave rumbles through me that only avalanches would understand, we are suspected strangers to one and others lands.
But affinity can humble through heart valves when the strings have been strung and forelsket starts to tighten around my lungs, I’ll inhale your token goodness just to expand the exhales of erlebnisse.

© Thelma Von Salem @
Image – Pinterest

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